Window Screens

Retractable window screens are a great option for anyone who is tired of fixing and cleaning exterior window screens.

  • Retractable window screens can be installed on the inside or outside of the window.
  • It retracts into a protective housing when not in use, ( no looking through dirty screens)
  • Multiple color options  to match the trim and real wood veneer
  •  Mesh options like the in-visa screen or 95% solar screen can be used to increase your air flow, or block out the sun.
  • The many  color and mesh options the Stow-Away retractable window screens has will give your home aesthetically appealing function and design.
Size Options
Type Size
Window Screen 8ft Wide – 6ft High
Color Options
Available Colors
  • color-black Black
  • color-brown Brown
  • color-bronze Bronze
  • color-mahoganybrown Mahogany Brown
  • color-desertbrown Desert Tan
  • color-grey Grey
  • color-huntergreen Hunter Green
  • color-ivygreen Ivy Green
  • color-linen Linen
  • color-sandalwood Sandal-
  • color-offwhite Off-White
  • color-white White
Wood Veneer
  • wood-mahogany Mahogany
  • wood-oak Oak
  • wood-pine Pine
Anodized Colors
  • ano-black Black
  • ano-clear Clear

Colors may vary in their natural aluminum state due to printing differences

Mesh Options
Stiffened Fiberglass Mesh Options

18 x 14 x .013″ Standard
20 x 30 x .013″ Solar Medium
40 x 40 x .015″ Solar Max
20 x 20 x .013″ Noseeum
23 x 17 x .018″ Pet Mesh

Mesh Colors
  • mesh-black Black
  • mesh-grey Grey
$200 – $500 Price will vary depending on finish.

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