Insolroll Solar Shades

Retractable Solar Shades are a great compliment to any opening The purpose is to have shade when you need it and out of sight when you don’t. Insolroll has engineered a cutting edge product that will perform over and over again. Here are some reasons to pick Insolroll Window Shade products for your purchase.

  • Insolroll has numerous fabric selections to give you a balanced choice of privacy, visibility, and solar heat gains control.
  • Solar shades have great outdoor applications that use a cable guided system to prevent the mesh from being tossed around by the wind and weather.
  • 5 standard colors to match your surrounding decor.
  • Once it’s installed, the solar blinds will blend into the natural beauty.
  • Fully enclosed housing keeps the screen clean so it looks great from the inside and outside.
  • Built-in slow close option, on manual spring-loaded QSR solar shades
  • Multiple installation options include: motorized and battery controlled with remote control; chain driven, or manual spring-loaded installations are available.
  • Solar shades can become a blackout screen when installed with side tracks and a bottom catch assembly.
  • Warranty is a 5yr limited warranty on fabric, hardware, Somfy motors, and controls. There is a 2yr warranty on labor.

Insolroll Retractable Solar shades are ideal for:

  • Windows of homes and offices
  • Oversized bay windows
  •  High window openings that are hard to reach
  • Screen porches needing protection from the sun
  • Clear glass doors
  • Large glass openings
  • Storefronts 
Size Options
Roller Shade Dimensions Width Height
Minimum 12″ 6″
Maximum 120″ 228″


Solar Shade Fabric Options
Solar Screen and Decorative Fabrics

These fabrics come in many different patterns. There are also different degrees of solar protection available. Please click “here” for a full selection.

Blackout Fabrics

Blackout shades also are available with more than 60 different fabrics to choose from. Please click “here” for a full selection.

For indoor solar shades, pricing starts at $200.00.

For outdoor solar shades, pricing starts at $400.00.

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