Manual Retractable Screens

Panorama Lite retractable screens offer a more economical option for turning your garages, patios, balconies, or lanais into a more useable space. The small compact size of the Panorama Lite allows for the housing canister to almost disappear in many applications. Panorama Lite delivers privacy, ventilation, protection, and secure shading for various large openings around your home. You can choose manual or motorized controls, color, and screen type. A great benefit to this product is that the screen is captured in the tracks and will not blow out.

Size Options
Type Width Height
Retractable Screen 14.5″ 9″
Screen Choices

Super Screen – Black and White only
(Durable and long lasting. Resists deterioration, punctures and tears, and mildew.)

Noseeum – Black and White only
(Extra-fine mesh provides protection from smaller insects called no-see-ums.)

80% Solar
90% Solar

  • mesh-black Black
  • mesh-brown Brown
  • mesh-desertsand Desert Sand
  • mesh-beige Beige
  • mesh-grey Grey
  • mesh-white White
Color Options
Available Colors
  • color-black Black
  • color-brown Brown
  • color-desertbrown Desert Tan
  • color-linen Linen
  • color-white White
Pricing does vary between manual, motorized, fabric, color and installation. Product ranges from $750 to $3,000 per unit depending on the selection.

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